Blackwoods Group provides the following services to help our clients achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently:
Internal Affairs | We help businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies assess and analyze the interests and concerns of their members, employees, and customers. We also work with organizations to develop and deliver data-driven strategies to improve organizational performance.
Government Affairs | We work with clients to develop, analyze, and deliver policy messages to Congress and the Administration.
Farm Bill Implementation | We help businesses, producer groups, and non-profit organizations develop outreach strategies to take advantage of conservation funding in the Farm Bill’s Conservation Title.
Surveys | We develop, conduct, and analyze data from surveys and focus groups. We work with organizations to develop questionnaires that identify baseline information, barriers to achieving the organization’s vision, and potential solutions to overcoming those barriers. We use this information to develop strategic initiatives and create issue-specific action plans and reports.
Analysis and Evaluation | We can manage the use of computer simulation models that assess the impact of conservation and production practices on a variety of economic and environmental variables.
Project Management and Grant Writing | We assist organizations with managing projects and developing reports related to conservation and agricultural production. We also help clients write grant proposals.
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